Water You Trust

Girl getting water after exercisingNothing is more basic than water, and you want the water you and your employees drink to be pure and of the highest quality. Tara Vending understands that, and we offer several ways to achieve the water quality you need, including Alpine Cooler bottle and bottle-less dispensers. As always, we offer 24-7 service and same- or next-day turnaround on restocking.

Bottled Water

We provide bottled spring and filtered water in various sizes for every possible need. Our bottled water dispensers use 5-gallon bottles from Piedmont Springs, and can dispense the water refreshingly cold or piping hot. Private labeling is available for smaller bottles when you want to have that branded touch. We have bottled water from many great producers including Dasani and Aquafina.

Point-of-Use Filtered Water

Another solution is to have a high-quality filtration system. We use genuine Everpure filters in to deliver the best-tasting, cleanest water possible. Our systems can provide water ice-cold or at 185° for soup, coffee, or tea.